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Line Skis was founded in 1995 with a mission that still holds true today: grow and rejuvenate skiing by building innovative, high performance, rider driven ski products that support the next generation of skiers pushing the sport. Producing the best jib skis year after year they are the best ski on the feet of the Traveling Circus for flawless Grendels, Beowulfs, Double taps and Hippy-Killers.  For more information and products visit www.LineSkis.com.



The Circus may not wash their socks very often but no need to with the Aegis Microbial Shield that protects agains foot stink, found in the 100% heat moldable liners in all Full Tilt Boots. This original design also protects against shinbang, the hated enemy of the TC crew and skiers alike. These are just a few of the many technologies found in the Original 3-Piece Boots Design, Full Tilt Boots.  www.FullTiltBoots.com

Order HD Helmet HERO at GoPro.com


Survival on the road often means being prepared and knowing how to use your gear. Fortunately The Traveling Circus has never been in the grips of a life threatening situation, but Coleman sleeping-bags, packs, and tents keeps the crew willing and able. Tell Coleman “thanks for saving Will and Andy’s lives” on facebook here.