The Traveling Circus Ringtone:

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Season Six:

Music featured in Episode One:

televisons Televisions “Drive”

We do a lot of driving and we’ve toyed with the idea of having a TV installed in the van. Maybe like those headrest ones that the rappers have on MTV? If you’re not going to put TV’s in our van for us, at least go get Televisions music here.


Another Green World “Blood”

Here’s something totally random: frozen breakfast burritos. Here’s some good music: Another Green World.


Surf Curse “Freaks”

“Freak” is one of those great words. As a verb: “freaking” a noun: “freaks” an adjective: “freaky” Or a freaking freaky tune: “Freaks” by Surf Curse.

Season Five

Music featured in Episode Four:

Hello Ocho “Fandancy”

We like the band Hello Ocho, because “ocho” is spanish for eight. “Taco” is another good spanish word. Now you can say: “May I have ocho tacos please?” Take your newfound mastery of the spanish language and download Hello Ocho’s album here.

Tar Halos “Brother’s Keeper”

We’re going to keep this one simple: This song rules. You can download it here. It will cost you one dollar. That means you can only buy seven tacos now. (If tacos only cost $1.00)

Soft Lighting “Humble”

Things we did while listening to this song: Driving across frozen highways, dodging death patches of black ice, running from mean dogs, digesting awful gas station pizza. Download it now, but don’t skimp on the crappy pizza.

Future Dust “Into The Void”

The dust that collects on the dashboard of the TC van is a lot less like an awesome band, and a lot more like a disgusting moldy fungus. Please download some Future Dust today, and please send us some anti-bacterial lemon cleaner tomorrow. Thanks!

Music featured in Episode Three: 

Slow Loris “Practice”

Kung-fu, unicycling, competitive hot-dog eating, skiing; Getting good at anything takes practice. Andy and Will have been hitting the same PVC style home-made rails since before they could drive a car. Without spending all that time hitting sketchy backyard set-ups they might have had time for normal things, like girlfriends. Close call right? Download Slow Loris here and avoid turning into a regular person too.

Another Green World “Can’t See You”

Another awesome track from Another Green World. If another green planet actually existed it would be pretty sweet. Everyone would drive green (colored) cars, eat avocados, and there would be those green milkshakes from McDonalds all the time. Go Green.

Teenage Sweater “Oceans and Seas”

Completely random (and completely true) TC fact: Cole Drexler loves all furry animals including; llamas, alpacas, long haired cows, rabbits, furry turtles, and hairy fish.Completely random (and completely true) Teenage Sweater fact:This band isn’t itchy itchy like a sweater and it doesn’t have pimples either. Get the Teenage Sweater album for $free.99 here.

Music featured in Episode Two:


Wildthings “Peaks”

Can you name the episode that has another song by Wildthings in it? We will be giving out extra special deluxe bonus points for anyone playing the TC music trivia game at home tonight. Our bonus points are warm and cheesy. Like delicious bonus quesadillas.

Another Green World “In Dreams”

The subject of your subconscious can be a window into your soul. Andy’s dreams are filled with steak, bacon and cheese. Just like his meat pies. We’re not sure what that says about his soul. Forget about all that anyways and download “In Dreams” P.S. Never eat a meat pie right before going to bed.

Midnight Ghost “EighteenMillion/Jumble Single”

Despite modern technologies, New Zealand’s top scientists can still only speculate at the meaning behind the song title “EighteenMillion/Jumble Single” It’s a real bummer for them and it might be just as frustrating for those of us without lab coats, safety goggles or bubbling test tubes. Fortunately, you can download it for free here.

Music featured in Episode One:

DJ Ten “Beat Street”

While Andy was recovering from his humpty-dumpty injury, he loaded his turn-of-the-century mp3 player with all of DJ Ten’s 80’s era techno beats. These tracks gave him the extra juice to give 110% while he was rehabbing his knee and delivering those pizzas before the cheesey sticks could get cold.

World’s Most “Tall Shadows”

Our stupid music-finding robots are only as perfect as the alien scientist who sold them to us. That being said, the World’s Most tune featured in the episode is actually “Tall Shadows” but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to all of World’s Most music, twenty-four hours a day, for the rest of your life. Get started now and do it here!

Another Green World “Sunny Skies”

Every morning Andy wakes up mad early and mediates about next ski season. The best monks and shamans usually tell you to turn off any and all outside noise, but Andy is on some next level musical meditation. Check out “Sunny Skies” and elevate your inner wizard for yourself.

Season Four

Music featured in Episode Five:

Secrets “Sleeping In”

Make sure you download (don’t worry its free!) plenty of Secrets tunes from their bandcamp here before consuming copious amounts of breakfast foods not limited to pancakes or gigantic doughnuts. Your post-feasting food coma will never have had a better soundtrack.

Trajano! “Mono”

If every super boring twenty hour drive could be condensed into two minutes and five seconds this song would possess some serious time warping powers. Unfortunately this song dosent actually speed up time but it still rules! Get the full album “Terror En El Planetario” for free here.

Astro “Raifilter”

OK so we don’t speak fluent spanish but Astro’s sound is still pretty epic regardless. I’m going to pretend the lyrics for this song are about how awesome skiing in the midwest is. Make up your own lyrics, or get a Spanish to English dictionary and uncover the truth. You have the power to choose!

Rollercoaster Water “Couch”

Andy spent a lot of time this past season on the couch: video games, napping, eating chicken wings, applying for pizza delivery jobs online, etc. This song has nothing to do with any of that, which makes it 500 times better. You can’t argue with that math because numbers don’t lie. Get your copy of the tune here and try crunching those numbers for yourself genius.

 New Animal “Nightmares of Candy Yang & The Black Italian”

Believe it or not, sleeping in the TC van might give you nightmares. If Kris and Derek from New Animal spent a night in Van Bear Pig before writing this tune, maybe they would have named the song “Nightmares of Will Snoring & The Weird Smells.” Either way, the invitation is always open. Be sure to check out their youtube page for music videos too.

Aural Burrows “End of Times”

If you want to get real sentimental about the winter winding down and the end of season four this is probably a good song to use. Be sure to get plenty of tissues and chocolate before you sit down to reminisce and relive all the great memories. Wait. Don’d do that. It’s weird. Just download the Gravitron EP and repress your warm gushy feelings for Will and Andy. Just like Ian Compton does.

Music featured in Episode Four:

Pangea “Engines”

“Engines” the first track off Pangea’s Jelly Jam album. We can only hope that the name “jelly jam” came from a moment of deep sandwich inspiration – something that happens in the TC van frequently. So if you’re a jam, jelly, or marmalade type of guy, download their album here, and check them out on facebook here. You can even get a tape cassette if your car was made before 1999.

Solletico “Trovadores”

Jibbing a medieval castle required a particular soundtrack for the quest. Fortunately the King and his men had a great mp3 collection and let us take a listen on the King’s holy-ipod before we left. Get Solletico on your music device, even if you don’t have minstrels to download it for you.

Aural Burrows “By Your Side”

Our monkeys with computers made a typo in the episode. (Surprise, Surprise) The song in the episode is “By Your Side” not “Gravitron” – which both are off of the Gravitron EP, which you should get because it’s a free download. And don’t worry, we won’t be letting our monkeys have any delicious banana pie after dinner tonight as punishment.

Astro “Panda”

Warning: This song will get stuck in your head. You will find yourself dancing uncontrollably for all hours of the night and day. And you will make all of your friends jealous of your new dance moves. Check out everything Astro here, and keep improving your dance skills.

Music featured in Episode Three:

Thee Martian Boyfriends “I’m Cryin'”

This isn’t the first or last time we use a song from some rad space aliens from deep space. Keep your “bands from other planets” playlist fresh by getting a copy of their album here.

Car Seat Headrest “Surf Jerk”

If you looked under the van car seats you would probably find a lot of gross stuff and old food. If you download “Surf Jerk” by Car Seat Headrest you probably will find that the time goes by faster when you are picking up all that trash listening to good tunes. Seriously. Please clean out the van for us.

The Happy Kids “Seven Are The Horns Of Satan”

Large Are The Teeth Of Ian. Disgusting Are The Smelly Socks Of Andy. Crazy Are The Tricks Of Garrett. Seven Are The Horns Of Satan. Ok only one of those things is a really good song, the rest are up for you to decide. Get your own copy of The Happy Kids album here, and debate fact and fiction for yourself.

Wildthings “Direct To Helmet”

We never will know what is going through Garrett’s brain when he is skiing. We just don’t have that technology. Yet. In the meantime, get your free download of “Direct to Helmet” and imagine what Garrett might be thinking about.

Music featured in Episode Two:

Best Friends “Joy Revision”

Will and Andy are total BFFWLSAGM’s. That’s “Best-friends-forever-who-like-skiing-and-good-music” if you didn’t know… Get yourself a copy of Best Friends EP here. P.S. If your friends don’t like skiing and good music, get new friends.

Insightful “Llama With A Scarf On”

During one of Cole Drexler’s hourly Internet searches for anything “Canadian-hipster and all things related to llama’s” he found Insightful’s album “Elena” and now uses the song for his iphone ringtone, skype conversation background ambiance and shopping for designer foods theme song.

Slow Loris “LA LA Swim”

If Andy didn’t already have a long list of possible trick names, I think “the slow loris” could have a chance at being the newest wizard trick, or alien grind. Too bad “warlock soup” and “tillmens crest” got on that list first. Get the album Extra Colors here, and beat Andy to the punch by making up your own trick called “the slow loris.”

Music featured in Episode One:

bpadBachelor Pad “Bachelor Pad”

The highly trained staff of robotic monkeys who find our music are determined to keep pushing awesome noisy punk pop tunes on us, and we are totally fine with that – we’re the ones who programmed them like that anyways. Be a good robot monkey and get your own Bachelor Pad here.

stillcornersStill Corners “French Kiss”

It’s up for debate if anyone who lives in a van with their friends have ever had a French-kiss. But forget about that because it’s gross and weird to think about. What makes sense is getting a copy of Still Corners album Remember Pepper to help forget about creepy thoughts concerning Andy’s romantic side.

plotoodoneParking Lot Experiments “Funeral Song pt. 2”

We do a lot of hanging around, sleeping, and arguing in various parking lots from here to Kalamazoo so it is only appropriate that a band called Parking Lot Experiments is down for the TC cause. Get a free copy of their album here, and go have yourself a parking lot adventure. Except don’t start airing out your dirty underwear there– they don’t like that.

Season Three

Music featured in Episode Six:


Maus Haus “Dead Keys Drop” and “We Used Technology”

When we were filing out taxes last month we noticed a few clerical errors and decided to go back and check out Maus Haus’ first release titled “lark marvels” Fortunately for our fact-checking we discovered a whole new album previously overlooked by our music detecting robots designed by NASA. Since you don’t have your own robot slaves, take our advice and get your own copy of “lark marvels” here.


Jimkata “Submarine”

The band Jimkata and TC have more in common than you might think. They are both from upstate New York…and..well that’s probably it. But hey, they both travel a lot too. Odds are that you can find a Jimkata live show within an eight to ten hour drive of your house – and thats a pretty quick drive for TC standards. Check their tour schedule and full discography on their website here.


The Woozies “The Cassette Tape”

It shouldn’t be any bit of a surprise that we are into a band called The Woozies. “Woozies” is great fun to say, and it reminds us of some sort of fury disease – our favorite. Click here, download The Woozies, and think of other fun words to say that sound awesome.


The Frank Lloyd Tribe “Cut Me Free, Let Me Go”

First, get yourself one of those cable things from radio shack that hooks your mp3 player up to bigger speakers. Then rearrange your room for ample dancing space. Finally, download as much of The Frank Lloyd Tribe as you can fit on your shiny little whatever and get loose. Don’t worry, you can get it for free, but that doesn’t mean you should leave your door open when you dance. You’re not ready for the big leagues yet.

Music featured in Episode Five:


Monster Rally “Cuban Velvet” “Maori Mai” “Honey Moon”

It is a little known fact that TC crew’s own Erik Olson is a huge fan of the color “sea foam green” Is it a coincidence that Monster Rally released a limited edition 12″ sea foam green vinyl of their Coral LP? Probably not. And you’re probably too young to know what vinyl is anyways, so get a digital download of the complete Monster Rally discography for your iwhatevers here.


Las Robertas “The Curse”

We have dealt with our fair amount of various curses in the past three seasons: The Curse of the Smelly Cheese Socks, The Curse of Rain in the East, The Curse of Large Toothed Individuals Never Finishing Cross Country Trips… the list goes on. Fortunately Las Robertas provided a curse we can finally stand behind. Get it here, and fight off evil curses that are ruining your life.


Oregon Bike Trails “Deep Sea Diver”

I’ve been to Oregon. I can ride a bike. I am positive I have been on an officially declared bike trail. (I think I saw some homeless dude dancing with a pack of squirrels while I was there too) but I have never combined bike trails and the state Oregon. Get your free download of “Deep Sea Diver” and dream of anything and everything from bike riding, underwater exploration, and dancing squirrels here.


Doomstar! “Rainbow Bloodsucker”

True or False: “RainbowBloodsucker666” used to be Max Hill’s instant messenger screen-name in the eight grade. (False)

True of False: “Rainbow Bloodsucker” is an epic punk pop surf banger. (True)

True of False: You can download the single here for free or not be a freeloader like Andy and pick up the whole album for a five spot. (True)

Music featured in Episode Four:



The Meanest Boys “stop thinking it’s real”

Remember those kids from grade school that would hang around the vending machines and steal your lunch money? Forgive and forget because they started making music and it is way better than pocket-sized fruit pies. Check out their self-titled album here.


Little Jungles “drive yourself crazy”

Check out Little Junlges’ album “Wuts Goin Thru Yer Head” for some self-introspective lo-fi pop. Or just listen to their music and smell your ski socks like Andy.


Teen Daze “Let’s Fall Asleep Together”

Let’s ski pow, do back-flips and lu kang grabs. Perhaps that wasn’t the original inspiration for  this Teen Daze indie pop banger but damn if they don’t go well together. Check out the entire Teen Daze discography here!

Music featured in Episode Three:



Maus Haus “Zig Zag” and “Skyward Housing”

Forget spending five bucks on some crappy sandwich for lunch today. Grab yourself a five-dollar digital download of Maus Haus’ new release “sea-sides” featuring your favorite tracks from the “stupidest” episode in history. Then ask your Mom to make you a sandwich.

Music featured in Episode Two:



Joey Defone “X Model of ASR”

One of the TC Crew’s most favorite musicians pumped out a handful of new tunes before the ball dropped on 2011. Be sure to check them out at his myspace here.


Neighborhood Choir “Toyland”

“Toyland” still remains The Red Knight’s favorite song from any Traveling Circus episode. And if that doesn’t say enough for Neighborhood Choir, then your too hard to please. Check out their other songs on their myspace, and follow the Choir’s headmaster Bennett on his blog here.


Ganglians “Blood on the Sand”

We read something about Ganglians and squirrels that live in the walls of your house but it didn’t make any sense. Maybe listening to the rest of their tunes will help clear some things up.

Music featured in Episode One:


The Armchairs “Little Sammy Ghetz”

Anyone who credits “Super Nintendo” as a musical influence is probably going to be right in line with our musical taste buds. Such was the case with The Armchairs of Philadelphia, PA. Pick up their debut album “Science and Advice” at before you get back to Donkey Kong for the tenth summer in a row.


New Numbers “Hinterlands”

If you are one of those people who considers themselves a musical-super-detective than you should already know that New Numbers is a new project for Joshua Abbott of The Zehbras featured in Episode Six. The rest of us peons can learn more about New Numbers and their free EP “Islands” here.


Drink Up Buttercup “Doggy Head”

If ever there could be an epic theme song for skiing sand dunes, this is it. However, we think it could work for spicing up every aspect of your daily routine: brushing your teeth, taking out the trash, creeping on facebook… add some excitement to your life and grab it on itunes here.

Season Two

Music featured in Episode Six:

Joey Defone

Joey Defone “Finally”

I have been telling you to Get Defone for tracks with whacked out coolness and appeal all season long. Do it now!


The Zehbras “Going Places”

If a single band could sum up The Traveling Circus in one song The Zehbras came pretty close. Maybe with a just few more lyrics about Andy’s fungus socks or The Red Knight. Either way, check out The Zehbras’ newest project here.


Power Animal “The Turn Around”

Only good things come out of Philadelphia: cheesesteaks, Rocky, and Power Animal. The music on the radio is predictable, and your ears are bored. Send them on a trip. Check out Power Animal’s latest release on itunes!


The Nightgowns “Big Bang” and “Working for a Living”

After their debut in Episode Five, everyone in the TC offices went out and purchased The Nightgowns album “Sing Something” and we discovered the perfect soundtrack for the season finale. Get “Sing Something” here.

Music featured in Episode Five:



The Nightgowns “Cosmic Clancy”

The Nightgowns’ describe their sound as “a badger fighting a cobra.” It just so happens we have some expertise in that area: Andy is an amateur badger enthusiast, to quote “When a badger and cobra fight it sounds something like playfully dark indie-pop out of Tacoma, Washington” Who knew.


Greenbelt “to henry”

What does Greenbelt mean? It means anything part indie, part folk and part surprise. Expect anything from saxophones to accordions. If you’re not fortunate enough to see them live around Vancouver, you can grab their albums here.

Joey Defone

Joey Defone “Canadian Tuxedo”

Its midnight. You’re searching for a solid instrumental. Enough of those generic rap beats that some weirdo made on his iMac. Get Defone for tracks with whacked out coolness and appeal.


Boat “Lately”

We were firsts turned onto “Lately” because of the lyrics. Any song that starts off with “eating nachos with their mother” is worthy of a listen. Head over to their myspace and check out Boat’s other tracks for up-tempo indie rock, and hopefully more songs about nachos.


John Compton “Danger”

Ian: that kid with the big smile who got stuck in the tree. John: his Dad. Back when Ian was just a twinkle in his Dad’s eye, John co-founded the acoustic band Appoaloosa in the 1960’s. Mr. Compton hooked us up with the track “Danger” and we think it’s awesome.

Music featured in Episode Four:

Joey DefoneJoey Defone “Pill Box” and “Replacing the Zero”

Did you Get Defone yet? You know, the entire Joey Defone album, for free at Otherwise we are just going to keep using these dope tracks until you do!


The Diary Products “Make My Day”

Are you looking to get incredibly excited or feeling uber-hyper tonight? Head over to The Dairy Products myspace page for some intense dance tracks to burn off a few calories or inspiration to invent a few new moves in time for your next formal dance at school. Whatever your reason for desiring thumping 8-bit techno, The Diary Products will be able to help you out.


Over The Wall “Gimme Five”

Over The Wall is a band from the UK who has combined everything from keyboards to kazoos to achieve an incredibly rich and entertaining folk-pop sound. Turn off your mix-tapes and treat yourself to some real music for a change. Check out “Gimme Five” and “Thurso” which are both available on itunes.

Music featured in Episode Three:

Boy Vs. Bacteria


Boy Vs. Bacteria “Happy Cop”

The boy: Richard Åström, from Stockholm, Sweden. The Bacteria: self described “retro-gamer-pixel-dance-music.” Boy Vs. Bacteria just released a six-song EP composed entirely of sounds from a Nintendo Game Boy. Curious? The EP and the single “Happy Cop” are free downloads here.

Zoos of Berlin

Zoos of Berlin “Black in the Sun Room”

Zoos of Berlin is the first band to ever offer us a place to crash. And if we ever make our way through Detroit, Michigan The Circus might just take them up on that. If you can’t make it to Detroit to catch a show or to crash on their couch, check them out for genuine indie rock.

Joey Defone

Joey Defone “He’s Not Joe”

This the second time we have used a track from Joey Defone and with good reason: born and raised in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, he’s been a contributing amazing beats and entertainment to the Pacific Northwest for years. You can download his entire album free, we suggest you Get Defone. or check it all out at


Wiglaf “Hey New York!” and “The Dish Pit”

The meteor shower earlier this month must have inspired Wiglaf to write two new exclusive tracks for Episode Three.  An unmarked CD was slipped under the front door of the Traveling Circus office late one night. When we ran to open the door there was no one within sight, a cat meowed somewhere off in the distance and I cried out “WIGLAF, who ARE you!” We did find his myspace though.

Music featured in Episode Two:

Fools Gold

Fool’s Gold “Surprise Hotel”

Pyrite or “fools gold” is a mineral of incredible letdown. Its brass-yellow hue has been confusing panhandlers since the gold rush of 1799. The band “Fool’s Gold” is anything but a letdown. Hailing out of Los Angeles, California Fool’s Gold is rich and full of everything the watered-down radio pop rock isn’t. They are also touring like maniacs, so check them out at a city near you.


Bossasaurus “The Wait is Over”

Egon Brainparts and Negatron Johnson are Bossasaurus. They actually both have mothers with fingernails, belly buttons and opposable thumbs. They make genre-defying electronic music using a smorgasbord of analog synthesizers, effects, unique instruments and self-collected micro-samples. They hate on bad music. They make good music, because good music isn’t extinct.


Wiglaf “Uncle Steve’s Farm” and “Microscopic Cats”

Unfortunately, The artist formally known as “Wiglaf” will probably never reveal his true human identity. Besides mysteriously dropping off cassette tapes of exclusive beats made for the Traveling Circus little is know about his whereabouts or lifestyle. Legend has it that on particularly bright full moon nights you can sometimes see Wiglaf’s reflection petting a cat and playing the harmonica.

Music featured in Episode One:

Nick Baron

Nick Baron (i.e. Nicky B) “TC Intro” & “TC Outro”

Nicky B is LINE’s first customer and has been riding the gear and hanging with us since the beginning. Over that time he’s gotten a BS in Digital Media Production in New York and is currently in Tahoe, skiing and making music everyday.

DJ A - Dog

DJ A Dog “Donald Trump-et”

A-Dog is a staple in the VT music scene. Spinning records for over 8 years for his fans at Red Square and around the world. Sharing the stage with the likes of the Roots, GZA, J-5, and many more artists, A-Dog has proven he’s one of the best around.

Joey Defone

Joey Defone “An Old Pro”

Joey Defone, born and raised in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, he’s been a contributing amazing beats and entertainment to the Pacific Northwest for years. You can download his entire album free, we suggest you Get Defone.

Principal Dean

Principal Dean Productions “Do It”

Principal Dean Productions was sent to this earth to reign beats, music and fear into the our classrooms, otherwise known as our cities and streets. This alien force will stop at nothing to make sure every person listens to their music and especially carry a hall pass at all times. Principal Dean Productions was formally known as MDE Productions. “Do It” was a collaborative track between Matty C and MDE, for the Matty C album, “Trouble Begins.”